Pendant "Ballerina"
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Pendant "Ballerina"

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Collection: UMI Symbols
SKU: 319542300611

Pendant “Ballerina” - a small accessory that complements the image of a young girl. Beautiful ballerina has a great amount of knowledge, skills and talent. She dances beautifully, loves music and believes in miracles.

Graceful, light, beautiful Ballerina realizes her beautiful dream - to express her feelings with graceful movements, through the poetry of dance. The main element of the pendant is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with rhodium for added protection and decorated with bright polymer enamel.

Swarovski cubic zirconia give the pendant a delicate shine and accentuate the beautiful jewelry. The pendant's eyelet has an inner diameter of 3.5 mm and will fit perfectly through a chain or jewelry cord.

  • Model number 3195423006110500
  • Metal Silver
  • Content 925
  • Weight 1,36 g.
  • Size 14x16
  • Insert Enamel
  • Color
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