Earrings "Lips"
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Earrings "Lips"

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Collection: UMI Symbols
SKU: 219555300607

Stud earrings “Lips” - a small accessory that complements the image of a young girl. Mini jewelry from this collection will be a wonderful gift for a little princess. Air kiss is a symbol of romance and sympathy.

Touching and gentle, it is a manifestation of your feelings and mood. Did you know that the queen of "air kisses" was the incomparable Marilyn Monroe, who sent air kisses to her fans. What does the base color stand for?

Red is the color of cheerfulness, optimism, sensuality and romance. It symbolizes tenderness, friendliness, love and kindness. The main element of the "Lips" is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with rhodium for added protection and decorated with bright polymer enamel.

A safe lock will prevent injury, and the screw thread tightly fixes the earlobe and protects the earring from loss.

  • Model number 2195553006070500
  • Metal Silver
  • Content 925
  • Weight 1,09 g.
  • Size 6x9
  • Insert Enamel
  • Color
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