About UmaUmi

We are UmaUmi – the first Ukrainian brand of kids jewelry.


UmaUmi are jewelry gifts for kids designed to convey love


By giving such a gift, you're like saying: "I am always by your side, my princess!"

We create jewelry especially for children: they are hypoallergenic and completely safe, and our collections are designed so that every girl can find her favorite thing. Children grow up, but thanks to precious gifts mother's warmth stays with them for a long time.


Beauty is in the heart

Our jewelry is, above all, the beauty of the children's world: favorite characters, fantastic and real friends, princesses and dolls, flowers, hearts and favorite things, and even big goals embodied in high-quality silver or gold. Therefore it is not surprising that each precious thing becomes a symbol: of mother's love and support, protection, luck, friendship or freedom of expression. And also – a talisman, a friend and a small object of pride.


Children grow – warmth remains

A precious gift is not the one hundred and first plastic toy and not the twentieth dress that a girl will quickly outgrow. It's a jewel that will delight your kid for a long time and an adornment that the girl will keep for her whole life – because it's the first gift from her mother, and it will always have a special meaning.


Especially for princesses

We don't believe that children are simply reduced copies of adults. Children are separate, unique individuals (often much better than adults) and therefore things made for them should take their needs into account. That's why we don't make "reduced copies" of adult jewelry – we make jewelry specifically for children. They are calculated in sizes and proportions so that they look harmonious on small ears, hands and necks. They don't burden, don't injure and are ready for adventures that your girl will arrange for them. And for all the compliments.


Quality and safety

UmaUmi jewelry is made of precious metals – silver 925 and gold 585 – and doesn't cause irritation to children's skin. They are covered with rhodium so that the metal doesn't darken. Colored elements are decorated with cold jewelry enamel, which doesn't crack and fall off, as in cheap imitation jewelry. In the design of the jewelry, there are no sharp corners and small removable parts that could harm the child. All fasteners are made in a way that no matter how hard the children try, they cannot injure themselves. At the same time the fasteners are easy to remove and put on, but are strong enough to securely hold the jewelry on the child.


A gift with a surprise

We pack the jewelry for your girl to immediately like the packaging and so that she could continue to use it. UmaUmi is a ready-made solution for a precious gift.


Not just for little princesses

We noticed that somewhere deep in the soul of every mother lives the little girl she once was. And this girl sometimes really wants to remind about herself. That's why even those princesses who have already become mothers buy our jewelry: to remember a dream, a favorite toy, an animal, or just to pamper their inner child. We also made a special couple collection UmaUmi Like Mom – jewelry that can be worn by mother and daughter or by older and younger sister. It's a symbol of love, sisterhood and unconditional support.

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