What to Give a Girl for Her Birthday

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  1. Important points when choosing a gift
  2. Small unique pendant
  3. Inseparable girlfriends - earrings
  4. Unique good luck charm - jewelry bracelet

What is the most desirable and exciting holiday for every child? Of course, it's his/her birthday. After all, every kid imagines how all his best friends will gather with him, how he will blow out the candles on his unforgettable birthday cake and how they will give him new unique gifts. And, naturally, the worst thing that can happen is the disappointment of the child. Therefore, it is very important to plan ahead the celebration and in advance decide what to give the girl for her birthday.

Important points when choosing a gift

It is not advisable to gift clothes to a child, because you may not guess the style or size right. With jewelry, things are different, here you will never go wrong. How to choose the right piece of jewelry? The main thing to remember is that all little girls are sentimental and believe in magic. Therefore, they believe that their favorite toy or jewelry is as alive as she is. Therefore, a birthday present for a girl should be something special in order to become a part of her new stories about adventures and love.

Small unique pendant

Most often, parents gift pendants. And they turn out to be right in their choice. There are several good reasons for this:

1. Will always be the right size;

2. An excellent gift for a girl whose ears are not pierced;

3. Will not rub the skin, will not open and will not be lost;

4. Can be not only an accessory, but also a talisman.

A pendant as a birthday gift for a girl is a very versatile item. It can be given by parents, relatives and even friends. The only difficulty they may face is choosing one piece of jewelry among the many options. If you are at a loss, then find out more about the girl's preferences and hobbies. Or choose a pendant that will be associated with the little girl’s image or character.

Inseparable girlfriends - earrings

Increasingly, little girls started piercing their ears. After all, they look so cute with delicate studs or unique earrings with a french lock. Let's take a look at what you need to pay attention to in order to choose the best earrings for a girl for her birthday:

  • Choose models with bright, fun, cartoon designs. It should be such that the girl is smitten with it;

  • Children's earrings must meet the standards for weight, size and shape. Don't buy massive earrings.

  • Make sure that the fastening is working properly. Stud earrings must have a thread and a round cap, and the lock should not open easily;

  • Buy earrings made of silver or gold of the highest standard in trusted jewelry stores. That way you will save yourself from low-quality copies.

Unique good luck charm - jewelry bracelet

Girls love to create hand accessories from various improvised means. Perhaps this love is innate. Therefore, a delicate bracelet for a girl's birthday will be the most desirable gift.

The uniqueness of children's bracelets is that they have a rather soft shape and you can adjust their size. Thus, the girl will wear it longer and will definitely not injure herself. The most popular models are fine chains with pendants or strings with charm beads.

Often children's bracelets are made of a red string. Old beliefs say that a bracelet of this color has protective properties and defends a child from the evil eye and envious people. They are very comfortable and do not interfere with the girl in any way when wearing.

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