What to Give a 2-Year-Old Girl?

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Giving educational toys or books for children at the age of two is quite justified, since at this age any nearby objects allow one to learn about the world and study it from different angles. From an early age, girls attend children's parties and make an appearance on the streets during their daily walks with earrings in their ears or bracelets on their hands. Is it difficult to choose jewelry for a 2-year-old?

Jewelry for children: selection features

To simplify the choice of jewelry for little girls, young princesses, it is advised to adhere to standard requirements.

First of all, you should avoid large and massive jewelry, preferring small earrings or pendants. Massive details make the baby look unnatural. In addition to this, it becomes heavier in the literal sense of the word, so the girl may feel discomfort from wearing such products. Large items distract the child's attention, so she will focus on studying the nature of one thing, not paying attention to what is happening around her.

Should you buy jewelry in the Gothic style or in dark colors? Of course, this is not the best option for a present for a two-year-old girl. It is recommended to focus on life-affirming things and colors that will bring joy to parents and child. Of course, buying something too unusual and complex is unlikely to be justified, despite the beauty of the product.

Jewelry that emphasizes the status of its owner, expensive jewelry can be fully appreciated by parents, but not by a child who does not pay attention to style and unique design. Such things will be more appropriate for older kids. Nevertheless, the gift can become very appropriate during maturity period, when a girl suddenly begins to look through her jewelry box, and suddenly finds a favorite pendant, presented at the age of two.

No doubt, inconvenient and impractical things should be avoided, for example, earrings with unusually shaped pendants, rather massive and rigid bracelets for hands or feet, rings with precious stones. To eliminate the likelihood of an injury, you should choose products of soft and streamlined shapes.

Long-awaited gift for the 2nd birthday

Choosing a gift for one’s 2nd birthday should begin with exploring the jewelry collection, where you can find not only earrings but also bracelets, pendants with chains. When looking for the necessary jewelry, it is recommended to share with the seller your interest in children's products in order to familiarize yourself with a wider selection of jewelry.

The product must be made of gold and silver. The classic option is gold jewelry, which has proven to be always in fashion. Moon metal is associated with feminine nature, its manifestation, and it is believed that it can be worn as a talisman.

Preferably, jewelry designs for a 2-year-old should have simple shapes, while those with complex geometric shapes should be avoided. The easily recognizable images and forms with the help of which the child learns about the structure of the world are also referred to simple forms. It can be the sun, stars, moon, as well as fruits or cute animals.

Jewelry for children who are only 2 years old should be lightweight, up to 1.5 grams, in order to avoid injury to the ears and eliminate the risk of stretching the hole in the ear. It is much easier to choose studs as they do not need to be tried on. However, it is recommended to use round-tipped studs.

In addition to earrings, you can take a closer look at the small size bracelets with a convenient system for adjusting the length of the product, pendants.

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