What to Gift an 8-Year-Old Girl?

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  1. Original earrings for a little beauty
  2. The combination of bracelets, how to wear and choose correctly
  3. Pendants for little fashionistas
  4. Tips for storing jewelry

An 8-year-old girl has a full spectrum of emotions and an active social group. An important fact is that at this age the baby already wants to please others and notices her reflection in the mirror. It is not difficult to understand what is best for a gift for a girl on her 8th birthday - of course, jewelry that will help her emphasize her individuality and unique beauty.

Original earrings for a little beauty

All schoolgirls have long boasted to each other their pierced ears and wear the same earrings every day. A wonderful solution would be to update your usual jewelry with original, not similar to anyone's earrings! A gift that will evoke unforgettable emotions must certainly be different, for example:

  • Unique characters. Pay attention not to dolls, butterflies and hearts, but to something that others do not have. It can be a reptile, a bizarre animal, or a spider.

  • Consider earrings that may have small hanging elements - a shiny pebble or a piece of chain.

  • Add color and pay closer attention to the bright enamel on the jewelry. It always attracts attention, appears extraordinary and looks good in both gold and silver frames.

  • Earrings for an 8-year-old girl can be unpaired - completely different ornaments on the ears, sustained in a certain theme - this is the accessory that will definitely emphasize the individuality of the person. You can form pairs of earrings yourself from a ready-made collection of jewelry already in the arsenal.

  • A unique, interesting solution is earrings purchased on excursions, in other cities and countries.

The combination of bracelets, how to wear and choose correctly

There are girls who love bracelets the most, in which case you can choose the most suitable jewelry of this type for her. Outstanding and stylish options do not have to be classic weaving bracelets, they can be one-piece options, leather jewelry with elements of noble metal, and so on.

Often the bracelet is worn on an open area of ​​the arm, but sometimes it can look great on top of a blouse, dress and other clothing options. There is a trend in fashion that involves wearing several bracelets at the same time, these can be:

  • Combinations of texture - different bracelets - thin and massive, textured and smooth.

  • Metal shaped bracelets with small ringing parts, that can be worn in quantities of up to 5 pieces or more.

  • Jewelry with various pendants is combined with delicate steel bracelets or worn alone.

Pendants for little fashionistas

Conventionally, all pendant decorations are divided into:

● pendants with insert

● pendants without inserts

The pendant itself, made in a minimalist style, looks very exquisite but if the girl prefers sparkly and bright options, then jewelry with a stone is more suitable for her. Depending on your favorite color, you can choose:

  • Red: ruby, garnet;

  • Pink: rhodonite;

  • Yellow: amber, topaz;

  • Green: emerald, chrysolite;

  • Blue and violet: sapphire, amethyst, turquoise;

  • Black: onyx, agate;

  • Transparent, white: diamond, pearl.

Tips for storing jewelry

There are many options for storing jewelry and a little beauty can choose the one that will be most interesting to her:

  • Special box with drawers. Such organizers are made of various materials, it can be wood or plastic.

  • Desktop holder for jewelry made in an interesting shape.

  • Numerous types of jewelry boxes.

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