What to Gift an 11-Year-Old Girl?

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The life priorities of girls who have reached the age of 11 change significantly when compared with their goals and objectives at the age of 10. A role model and an object of adoration is no longer the most beloved mother, but, for example, a girlfriend or a girl from another class who is a couple of years older. Of course, girls as young as 11 years old can get an inspiration from their favorite characters from TV series or films, copying their behavior and lifestyle.

The research topic is so interesting that when it comes to choosing a gift that a child may like at the age of 11, it is difficult to settle for one thing. However, jewelry is considered the most appropriate gift. When choosing jewelry as a gift for a young fashionista, and as an option for a future designer, stylist, you should exclude all things that may become uninteresting and old-fashioned for the generation of buzzers.

Buy silver earrings!

Despite the fact that some girls receive their first gift in the form of silver earrings at a young age, another pair of silver jewelry will diversify her everyday or evening look, when a girl is going to a birthday party of a new girlfriend or a boy who she likes from first grade ...

Instead of the traditional shape of silver earrings, whether it be studs or rings of different diameters, you can look at products of unusual shapes, with pendants or an English lock. The shape of the product is a decisive factor when all the requirements for the selection of children's jewelry are met.

Children’s jewelry

What are the features of choosing children's earrings? First of all, you should pay attention to the weight of the product, since earrings weighing more than 2.7 grams can cause deformation of the earlobes. When choosing earrings made of gold, the clasp should be really reliable, as children lead a more active lifestyle and less attentive than adults. Studs with silicone clips are lost much more often than those with a strong twist or fastener.

Many girls at the age of 11 prefer threader earrings, but the product should have a small suspension so as not to weigh them down. A slight overweight is enough for the earrings to fall out of the ears.

Of course, children's style is still in its infancy, so you should not buy expensive earrings encrusted with precious stones, as such jewelry emphasizes the maturity of the person. Sometimes jewelry can be a loud statement of their worth that children are not yet ready to make.


Minimalistic earrings will appeal to most girls of this age, so products in the form of a crown, bead or a star without additional elements will be the perfect solution if the girl's style is constantly changing. Earrings that combine several colors will look much more appealing and more fun. Cubic zirconia of different colors can be used.

To emphasize the attractiveness and beauty of the girl, earrings with precious or semi-precious stones, but of a small size, are widely popular. Of course, for 11-year-old girls, it is better to choose jewelry in pink, light blue or green. In other words, it is better to give preference to jewelry in soft colors.

Chains or bracelets in the same style as the earrings, or at least in the same color scheme, can emphasize the beauty of jewelry. At a young age, girls prefer to wear several rings or bracelets at the same time, creating amazing looks from one set of jewelry. A silver pendant with several white cubic zirconias will emphasize the purity and wholeness of her feelings at such an early age.

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