What to Gift a 9-Year-Old Girl?

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A 9-year-old girl is still passionate about playing with dolls, so she can decorate her toys for hours, rearrange things in the doll house. Despite her interest in toys, a nine-year-old girl is looking for opportunities to borrow her mother's lipstick or shoes. Mom's jewelry will not go unnoticed.

Jewelry is considered the perfect gift for girls of any age, without exception. Why change the habits of young princesses, if you can support them in their desire to be beautiful and admire themselves in the mirror, while imitating their mother.

What are the features of choosing jewelry for such a young person? Jewelry for 9-year-olds should emphasize the desire to remain playful, therefore earrings and pendants will be made in the children’s theme. It is unlikely that other jewelry will be of value to the child. Nevertheless, you can always give jewelry that emphasizes her femininity, an important stage of growing up, but keep them small so as not to create discomfort while playing.

Fashionable solutions for a young playful girl

No doubt, a gift should bring joy and wonder at any age, especially at the age of 9. Therefore, it is better to go for a fun jewelry, the design of which will emphasize the cuteness of the product.

What forms attract the attention of girls at this age? These can be balloons, sweets, cartoon characters, or anime, manga characters. What else can cheer up a child? The key to a good mood will be amazing pandas or fish.

How to surprise a nine-year-old girl, if not with multi-colored stones, jewelry with multi-colored crystals may well become a must-have for any girl at such an early age. Crystals can always be replaced with cubic zirconia of different colors, be it pink, purple, or green, but let them be really bright.

Jewelry for the neck, hands or ears with filling of different colors are a definite hit in the choice of a gift for a girl. It can be a bracelet, ring, necklace, and earrings. The peculiarity of filled jewelry is that they add color to any look, lifting the mood. Even at the age of 9, one can be cheered up with colorful gifts.

When choosing a gift in a certain color scheme, you should still find out which colors the girl prefers, since at this age even the color matters. In addition, the girl will always find a use for the jewelry of the same color as her favorite jacket, or the dress of her favorite doll. Of course, you can always choose the perfect color of the jewelry based on the preferences of today's youth.


Most often, a pendant in the form of a zodiac sign or the first letter of a name is chosen for a gift, declaring that the gift is neutral, and it can be worn everywhere and always. In addition to small pendants, more and more girls prefer massive pendants that reveal the theme of their favorite cartoon, although this is not necessary if the jewelry shimmers in different colors.

Bracelet or hair accessory?

Bracelets made of silver or gold as a base are very popular among children and adults, while the filling of a bracelet made of beads can be changed independently. Round beads are purchased separately, so even one bead for a transformable bracelet can be a nice gift.

One silver comb is enough to make the little princess's hairstyle unusual and stylish.

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