What to Gift a 7-Year-Old Girl?

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  1. Everyday earrings for school
  2. Wearing chains and pendants to school
  3. Bracelet, hairpin, brooch
  4. Figurines from natural stones

The main event in the life of a 7-year-old girl is the transition to her new status of a schoolgirl! She has a new uniform and many other items in her wardrobe, to emphasize all this magnificence, of course, you need good accessories and jewelry! You will find out what the best gift for a 7-year-old girl is, that will make her even happier in her important role as a student.

Everyday earrings for school

Small neat earrings that do not attract much attention but can emphasize the tenderness and beauty of a little beauty, will be an excellent gift for a 7-year-old girl. When choosing this jewelry, pay attention to the following important points:

  • The weight of the jewelry should not be more than 1.5 grams. If the earrings are too heavy, it can stretch the earlobe. There are cases when large decorations were too heavy for the auricle, and even caused a headache and interfered with concentration.

  • The shape of the product should not have sharp corners, so as not to injure the ear during physical activity, as well as choreography lessons and other things. Jewelry that gets tangled in items of clothing or hair will definitely not be appreciated.

  • Subtlety of style. An important criterion in choosing earrings for a schoolgirl, because the shape dictates a certain sustained image. In order for the jewelry not to distract classmates from the main purpose of attending school, it is better to choose classic options for gold or silver earrings. The classics are always acceptable - flowers, bows, ovals, circles, etc.
  • Do not buy jewelry for a little schoolgirl that is full of stones and has fancy catchy compositions.
  • Secure clasp. Make sure that the jewelry has a secure lock so that the novice student does not get into a stressful situation with the loss of her favorite accessory. If the earring fastens well, it is almost impossible to lose it. The strongest ones are English locks, congo rings, or studs with a screw back.

Wearing chains and pendants to school

Favorite jewelry can be not only a beautiful accessory, but also a certain talisman with a special meaning, which will help the feeling of self-confidence. Having looked at the pendant that was gifted to him/her, the child will remember a pleasant moment and find support and consolation in it, if necessary. The small figurine will look great as part of a schoolgirl’s image.

The best material for this is rhodium-plated silver. A pendant with an opening mechanism will also look very original - it can store a photo of a mother or another loved one. This jewelry will give the child strength on an important or celebratory day, it is not necessary to wear it every day.

Bracelet, hairpin, brooch

According to school etiquette, jewelry is acceptable to wear, but there are some rules. If we are talking about bracelets and rings, then it is better not to wear such jewelry, as it can interfere with writing and distract from the educational process as a whole.

Models of wrist jewelry for girls allow the presence of quaint pendants or even an opportunity to assemble the bracelet yourself. This is very exciting and the little one will most likely like it.

Figurines from natural stones

Natural minerals can be a wonderful piece of decor for a desk. Malachite, onyx, amber, jade can be in the form of a fruit or a geometric shape. The stone is very pleasant to the touch, you can hold it in your hands or roll it on the table during the break between writing. Figurines can also be made in the form of animals symbolizing wisdom, with such good support, a novice schoolgirl will undoubtedly succeed!

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