What to Gift a 5-Year-Old Girl?

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A five-year-old girl is a child whose positive self-esteem is actively developing. What to gift a 5-year-old girl to help her become a confident person? Beautiful jewelry, of course, helps a girl to emphasize her dignity and thus to be pleased herself even more.

Girls during this period, distinguish weekdays from holidays and start obtaining skills that help them form a sense of style. They can choose accessories and combine them to their taste, carefully observing the process of change in the reflection of the mirror.

How to choose the right jewelry for a 5-year-old girl?

Using simple tips, you can quickly and easily determine what jewelry a little fashionista will like. So, a gift for a 5-year-old girl will be unforgettable if:

  • Give her variety. One accessory is good, two is better. If a girl is given the opportunity to choose jewelry, she will definitely be happy. Before buying a gift, look - what product is not yet in her arsenal? Perhaps a ring, bracelet or pendant? In order to instill good taste, the girl needs to be shown the difference between gold and silver, so she will learn how to combine jewelry and select them to match her outfits.

  • Will suit her taste. For example, a pendant for a 5-year-old girl can be in the form of a flower or a cute animal. If a child adores puppies, then even the best pendant in the shape of a cat will not bring her as much joy as a small silver puppy pendant.

  • Will correspond to the children's theme. Children's jewelry may look like an adult's, it is quite normal to be a small copy of them. There are also types of jewelry that will look great on preschoolers but become completely inappropriate in a couple of years. When choosing between a flower and a doll, always give preference to a doll, because a 5-year-old will much more like the earrings of that shape.

  • Will provide comfort and ease of wearing. The baby will be happy if she manages to try on jewelry on her own, therefore check the lock and the difficulty of opening it. Do not choose heavy and bulky products, as well as those with sharp corners, because all this can create discomfort when wearing.

  • Will bring emotions and festive mood. Little princess’ treasures must necessarily contain something attractive and dear to the heart. It can be bright and incredibly beautiful jewelry for the most solemn moments of life. Perhaps it will be a ring with a stone, or a diadem with sparkles, just trying on such a product will transfer the child to her fairy-tale world, where she is the most important queen and star.

Exclusive jewelry for children

Jewelry is great, but in addition to them, a girl can also have original masterpieces – her own self-made creations.  A bracelet for a 5-year-old girl made out of multi-colored beads and special elastic bands - is not only a wonderful product, it is also a great and captivating activity for a child, that will help to develop such qualities as perseverance, attentiveness and accuracy.

All kinds of decorations made from improvised materials - strings, buttons, clay, foil, paper, pasta and decorative items - are a great idea of ​​how to stand out and show your creativity.

Such a gift will definitely be remembered and will give her an opportunity to develop, see how colors and shapes are combined, and understand the basics of jewelry art. Such an original hobby will attract the attention of her peers, and the girl will receive a lot of praise from her girlfriends.

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