Refund Policy

All UMa&UMi brand jewelry is created using high quality materials and meets international standards.

We are proud of and carefully monitor the quality of UMa&UMi products, and we do our best to make you satisfied with your purchase, but if for any reason you want to exchange an item for another or a refund, we provide such opportunity. (For details, see Return and exchange of new items / Warranty and Repair.)

Return and Exchange of New Items

If the product of good quality (without any traces of manufacturing defects) does not fit the Buyer in size, color, design or other reasons, it can be returned within 30 days from the date of the receipt * (* implies purchase and delivery of the goods to the buyer).

Only new goods are accepted for return or exchange in the original (branded) UMa&UMi packaging with all inserts, with attached product tags and without traces of jewelry wear - in the same form in which the client received the product. A sales (cash) receipt ** is required (** or another way to confirm the date and place of purchase: bank statement, order screen, etc.).

You can exchange goods for a similar in value or more expensive with a corresponding surcharge. When exchanging for a product with a lower price, the difference in price is not refundable.

Not subject to exchange and refund:

- Personalized products and / or products with engraving, if the fact of a manufacturing defect is not confirmed.

- Products with any traces of wear, including products without tags - for hygiene reasons.

- Products that do not comply with the rules described above.

- Promotional items and goods received by the Buyer as a complementary gift.

Warranty and Repair

Silver and gold are soft metals and are prone to surface scratches during normal wear and slight deformation of the posts in the earrings, which is not a defect. Children's jewelry is not a toy and should be worn with care and in accordance with the jewelry care and use guidelines.

However, if within 24 months from the date of receipt of the goods (* this implies the purchase and delivery of the goods to the buyer), the product becomes unusable as a result of a technical manufacturing defect (confirmed by a specialist), the buyer or subsequent owner of the UMa&UMi jewelry is entitled to a refund (full or partial ), replacement of goods with goods of proper quality or warranty repair.

A technical defect in production is considered: weak fastening of stones, locks and posts (in earrings), link joints, cracks in the metal, flaws in enamel coatings (chips, cracks, bulges), asymmetry of products and fasteners.

 Warranty service is possible with the original or a copy of the sales receipt, bank statement or any document that will serve as proof of the valid warranty period. Defective items must be returned in their original packaging.

What is not covered by the warranty?

This warranty does not cover damage to UMa&UMi brand products caused by misuse and abuse, modification, attempted repair, negligent use, failure to follow care instructions. A product that has damage that is considered the result of wear and tear will not be considered defective / such that it falls under the warranty conditions.


Any direct contact with perfumes, hairsprays, cleaning agents and other chemicals may negatively affect the jewelry and void this WARRANTY.


In the event that there is no manufacturing defect, but the jewelry has lost its marketable condition due to active wearing or failure to follow the recommendations for the care and use of jewelry, UMa&UMi will make every possible effort to repair or "refresh" the appearance of the item that has been worn out. There will be a charge for this service which will cover the cost of the repair and any other costs incurred by UMa&UMi.

Return and Exchange Instructions

Step 1: Fill out the electronic form for the return / exchange of goods 

For a faster and more efficient processing of your request, please attach:

  • A photo or short video highlighting the problem as best as possible
  • Details of where and when the item was purchased.
  • Your confirmation of purchase (sales receipt / bank statement / order screen, etc.)

Step 2: After receiving your email, UMa&UMi will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the next steps and to provide an individual return number.

Important! Do not ship items back until you have received an individual return number.

Step 3: Carefully pack the product back into its original (brand) packaging without damaging it. Be sure to attach to the parcel the individual return number provided to you to speed up the processing of the application. For return shipping of the item in its entirety, be sure to take care of secure shipping packaging, as the cost of a new item (no defects) will not be fully refunded if the original packaging is damaged.

Step 4: No later than 14 days after receiving a response from UMa&UMi confirming the possibility of return / exchange / repair, send the goods by courier service to the address indicated in the letter with an attachment - an individual return number, and receive a tracking number for your mailing.

PLEASE NOTE If you are returning more than one item from the same order, please put all items in one package to avoid additional postage. UMa&UMi is not responsible for the loss of goods while in transit.

Step 5: Within 7 business days of receiving and reviewing your return by a technician, we will send you an email notifying you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of our approval or rejection of your refund and the reasons for it.

IMPORTANT! Unauthorized returns / exchanges (without a received unique return number) may be returned to the sender. Returns received outside of the above time frames will be accepted at the sole discretion of UMa&UMi.

Please note that UMa&UMi will not be responsible for return shipping charges or shipping charges for new items (with no manufacturing defects).

Drop shipping and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

In the event of a warranty repair, the shipping cost is refunded to the buyer

Step 6: For new products without manufacturing defects: A full refund or replacement of the product item with another one (from the available assortment) will be made within __14_ days from the date UMa&UMi received the product back, if the product meets the requirements listed above.

For goods requiring repair, replacement or refund due to manufacturing defects (warranty service) and goods requiring repair/modification without manufacturing defects (post-warranty service):

All repair work is carried out within 14 days from the date of delivery to an authorized dealer or no later than 30 days after notifying the client in advance.

A full / partial refund or replacement of a defective item with a similar new one of good quality (subject to availability) will be made within __14_ days from the receipt of the returned item, after a specialist confirms that there is a technical manufacturing defect.


If a specialist finds out that the damage is not a technical manufacturing defect (warranty case), or if the warranty period has been exceeded, then the Post-Warranty Policy - paid repairs will apply to the jewelry.

If no proof of purchase date is provided, the jewelry will be considered outside of the warranty period.

IMPORTANT! Enamelled items cannot be re-coated with rhodium due to their delicacy and incredible sensitivity to heat.

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