Jewelry Care Guidelines

All UMa&UMi brand products are made of high-quality materials: precious

silver or gold alloys without heavy metals (nickel, lead, etc.), inserts from colored jewelry enamel, natural pearls, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, precious and semi-precious stones, bright and wear-resistant cords.

In order for the jewelry to retain its brightness, shine and please their little owners as long as possible, we strongly recommend that you remove all jewelry:

- before bedtime;

- any water procedures (especially before swimming in hot or chlorinated water);

- active games or sports.

Avoid hitting or contacting jewelry with any chemicals, in particular: perfumes, hair sprays, lotions and creams, sunscreens, detergents and direct sunlight - as they can discolor and destroy the surface of metals and inserts.

Caring for silver products (including rhodium and gilding):

Tarnishing (oxidation) of silver is a natural process that occurs due to contact with oxygen. UMa&UMi silver items are plated with rhodium (a precious metal of the platinum group), which helps prevent tarnishing and increases the wear resistance of the item, but this coating can wear out over time. This may cause the jewelry to take on a slightly darker color.

To minimize this, after wearing store jewelry without touching each other (to avoid scratches) in the original UMa&UMi packaging (or other suitable box or soft pouch) in a dry place and periodically wipe with a special jewelry polishing cloth.

Wipe the jewelry in one direction, not in a circular motion!

IMPORTANT!!! Do not use thin paper or paper towels, as these may scratch the product.

 Gold Jewelry Care:

Gold jewelry is less susceptible to oxidation, but just like silver jewelry, they should be protected from mechanical impact (hits, friction against each other, etc.) and contact with cleaning and cosmetic products.

 Enamel jewelry care:

Cold jewelry enamel is used in UMa&UMi jewelry. Such enamel is quite strong, however, enamel products (as well as any jewelry) should be treated with care, avoiding hits and scratches. The enamel can be wiped with a soft cloth (or a special polishing cloth for jewelry) and do not use chemicals or cleaning agents that can affect the color and wear resistance of the coating.

 Care of textile cords:

If you need to clean the textile bracelet from dirt, we recommend using a soft sponge and soapy water in warm water, having previously insulated the jewelry element made of precious metal from moisture.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry 24/7, as well as to leave children under 3 years old wearing jewelry unattended.

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